A Very late post for October 2017 Art Journey

This is a very late post as I have been having quite a lot of pain from my degenerative discs in my neck and back. But I had been studying light and color from 2 Schoolism online classes, and boy are they tough! I needed a break and decided to do Mabs Drawlloween club this year on Instagram. It is not really a break, but I am practicing my “draw what you see, not what you think you see” using the knowledge I have gathered from the past year. I did some observational painting in my iPad app called Procreate on some of these and then since I got so behind (due to pain in my neck and back from degenerative discs) that I just drew some in a sketchbook. I drew them completely out of order but I was determined to get these done. I had originally wanted to do a theme with characters from animated movies and tv shows but some like mothman are just drawn from my noggin. I really enjoyed this and it exercised my mind and improved my drawing faster. I do prefer drawing my sketches with pencil on paper. You don’t get that “feeling” drawing digitally.

I have grouped them in order so it is not such along post showing 31 pieces of my art!

Also, most of this is fan art.

Thank you for looking!
Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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