Art Journey Update April 2020

I apologize I have a hard time keeping up with this blog!

I did finish my online Lighting class with Sam Neilson and here are the assignments I painted. I really loved this class and learned so much from him.

Please note: all Assignments are Sam Neilson’s line art, I just painted the scenes in the Procreate app and/or Art Studio Pro app on my iPad Pro 12.9

Lesson 4 - Translucent Properties

Lesson 5 - Hair and Fur

Then I redid it because I didn’t like the look of it!

Lesson 6 - Skin

Lesson 7- Light in Atmosphere 

Lesson 8 - Water

Lesson 9- Light and Human Experience 

I really loved painting this assignment! 

I also painted some other illustrations from reference photos I got from Artwork by Gabrielle on Gumroad.

And then just did some practice painting of bricks from a photo of mine and a tree trunk from Stayf Draws, trying to figure out some brushes in my app

The last thing I painted was from a photo of a beautiful sunrise I saw out front of my house 

That’s it for now! Thank you for looking and please stay safe and healthy! 


Art Journey Update January 2019

Sorry I have not updated in a very long while. I spent a lot of time with my oldest kitty because I knew she was going to have to leave us. We were blessed to have her for 20 years and she crossed the rainbow bridge on August 11, 2018.

I did get to do some classes at Schoolism like Introduction to Digital Painting with Andrew Hou, Digital Painting & Painting Creatures with Bobby Chiu. These 2 classes helped me with learning Photoshop again and tips and tricks for shortcuts on the keyboard and a bit about color, values and saturation that I had been struggling with. I also did Painting with Light and Color with Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo and Designing with Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes which also helped me with color a lot too. I had to stop doing my lighting class because I just didn’t understand color theory and all it entails, but now I got the hang of it thanks to all these other classes, so I redid lessons 1-3 of Sam Nielson’s Fundamentals Of Lighting.

Lesson 1 was Lighting schemes and advanced Lambertian Reflection

Lesson 2 was Light and Surface Color

Lesson 3 was Specular Reflection, Fresnel reflections and many more. We also learned to paint the unseen. This one was very intimidating to me. I painted the chrome ball, the cylinder and bean thing. 

I also did an ear study and eye studies.

And so 

I also painted some of my Drawlloween from 2017 for 2018 Halloween 


Art Journey Update February 2018

Hello! I haven't posted in awhile due to cold weather hindering my learning progress from bones and joints hurting (can't take pain meds because they cause me to have asthma) so I have been on a heating pad a lot! But I have been learning some with lighting and trying to get back into drawing everyday.

Here are a couple of practice studies of Lighting from Sam Neilson's Fundamentals of Lighting Class at Schoolism.

Here's an eye study!

Here's an ear study! It felt so good to digital paint again! I used a pastel brush to paint and smudge colors then a skin texture and noise brush to add texture. And a hair brush. The drawings didn't take long but coloring took about 3 hours. It's not perfect, but I am pleased with it.

Thanks for looking!


A Very late post for October 2017 Art Journey

This is a very late post as I have been having quite a lot of pain from my degenerative discs in my neck and back. But I had been studying light and color from 2 Schoolism online classes, and boy are they tough! I needed a break and decided to do Mabs Drawlloween club this year on Instagram. It is not really a break, but I am practicing my “draw what you see, not what you think you see” using the knowledge I have gathered from the past year. I did some observational painting in my iPad app called Procreate on some of these and then since I got so behind (due to pain in my neck and back from degenerative discs) that I just drew some in a sketchbook. I drew them completely out of order but I was determined to get these done. I had originally wanted to do a theme with characters from animated movies and tv shows but some like mothman are just drawn from my noggin. I really enjoyed this and it exercised my mind and improved my drawing faster. I do prefer drawing my sketches with pencil on paper. You don’t get that “feeling” drawing digitally.

I have grouped them in order so it is not such along post showing 31 pieces of my art!

Also, most of this is fan art.

Thank you for looking!
Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!


Why I haven't updated, and New Year Art Journey 2017 Begins

Hello everyone,

I apologize for not having updated sooner. I don't usually tell much about private issues but I feel I need to tell those of you who have been supporting my journey and may have been wondering what was going on. I'm doing better now emotionally so I'm ready to talk about it all. This is a long blog, you have been warned! :)

Back in May 2016 I had to put my oldest kitty, Pistol to sleep. She was struggling with so many problems age wise it was so sad. It was so hard for me, especially because I still wasn't over losing my Boog in Aug 2015 and then I had to say goodbye to another furbaby.


Then came along the anniversary of  Boog's passing. It was so hard to shake. It took about a month to get through the last of the anatomy videos and to post that progress.


Then BOOM! another heartache hit me out of nowhere. Little Stuart, who was a diabetic and ate special food and took insulin, became ill on Sept 4, 2016 and went to the vet. They did blood work and he had off the chart acute liver failure. I was DEVASTED!!!! They didn't even think a tube would help which I vowed never to tube another baby again. I syringed fed him for a few days and he did ok. I took him in that Saturday to see if I needed to put him to sleep. The vet said he looked good (not jaundiced yet) and was eating decent via syringe,so I took him back home to cuddle and love on him. Saturday night he quit eating, Sunday he went downhill fast. I knew from my experience with Boog it was time. So I had to put Stuey to sleep. I'm tearing while writing this but I'm going to be ok. I researched and found out that with him being a diabetic and a seal point somewhat, made him a risk for this.

Then a month later, Oct 8, Tinkerbell went on her usual monthly 2 day vacation that some of the older ferals (Mamma, Tuffy, Big Daddy Mufasa) take. On October 10th, the neighbors down the road decided that Columbus day was yet another holiday they needed to shoot off fireworks. Those people live about 3 houses down the hill, about 5 acres away and are constantly looking for any excuse to shoot fireworks. I figure Tink was trying to come back home and the cannon type fireworks they shoot off scared her off. She ALWAYS came back home in 2 days. All my feral cats are smart and know the routes of the coyotes and when they come out etc. And not to freak some of you out, I did get a very strong sign from the Universe that she was still alive in March. I just miss her so much.

Tinkerbell :(

Then Henry had gotten a bite on his neck and it was infected so he had surgery to drain that and sprained his back and had to stay inside for three and a half weeks. Vet said a cat fight, but I think it was from a field mouse that ran up a tree and Henry fell off. He had no scratches on him at all which is what you'd see from a cat fight. And I have seen them chase these big field mice up trees on our property.

Then Charming sprained his knee again, Rumpel sprained his tail (craziest thing I've ever seen) which healed in a week, we don't know what happened to Snow but she got an antibiotic and started to eat again. And then Mufasa got hurt (he was always coming home with scratches on his face) and had to have surgery and now he is an indoor kitty! He actually likes being inside. He is a cuddler and loves all the Mommy time he gets. I've tried to keep the others in but they get really agitated so I don't force it.

Mufasa who likes to be called Baby Boo now. 
(What Hiccup says to Toothless on How to Train Your Dragon 2)

During all of this of losing kitties,I tried to draw, didn't feel like it much but I did get some Schoolism drawing done, and I drew some easy things from Chris Hart YouTube videos.

Schoolism Fundamentals Class

My drawings from Chris Hart YouTube videos just for fun and practice of drawing.

I do love my  colored pencils, so I had drawn Elsa from Disney's YouTube Channel and decided to color that for hubby's Christmas present. My first try wasn't very good, so I redid it on different paper and practiced different layers for the skin etc and this is what I came up with. It was very therapeutic at the time.

First try

Second try (sorry the photo is so blue)

*Insert Note:
At the time of first writing this blog it was in January this year. Now it is July and I'm finishing this blog post!

I've been so busy learning so much. As some of you know my computer went crazy on me around October with the new windows updates and things kept running in the background so I couldn't use it, hence the analog way of drawing with my lessons.

Here is a list of the classes I've taken so far and some photos that I can show.

The Complete Figure Drawing Course by Riven Phoenix (tons of photos on previous posts)

At Schoolism:
Drawing Fundamentals with Thomas Fluharty (dog and frog above)
Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo

At Craftsy:
Perspective for Sketchers with Stephanie Bower
The Essentials of Sketching Architecture with Stephanie Bower
Essential Perspective Linear Techniques by Patrick Connors
Colored Pencil Essentials with Susan Rubin
Realistic Textures in Colored Pencil with Cynthia Knox
Essential Techniques for Better Drawing with Patricia Watwood
Dynamic Detail in Pen and Ink with Steven Reddy (I learned inking grayscale with this one)

I have a few more classes on colored pencil drawing I will get to sometime, I have watched them and learned valuable information that can be carried over into any media.

Perspective for Sketchers Class

The Essentials of Sketching Architecture

Dynamic Detail in Pen and Ink

I'm still working on this class and another of his classes at Craftsy. But this was really helpful in making me see the lights and darks. 

I'm also still learning "The Fundamentals of Lighting with Sam Nielson" at Schoolism.  This class is tough one! It is really stretching the ol' brain muscles for sure. I'm having to use pencils even though this is being taught for digital. Lighting is so important in illustration and animation. It is like one of the leading characters if you stop and think about it. And there is so much to learn about it to get it right. Sam says it takes awhile to get the hang of it and it won't happen overnight. Now I see why there are these long lists of names under "Lighting" in the animated movies, as well as the other departments.

I've also played around earlier this year with colored pencil tutorials on YouTube from Kirsty Partridge and every now and again quite a few perspective tutorials from Circle Line Art. 

I also used this book on perspective "Perspective Made Easy" by Eernest R. Norling, and did a lot of notes and drawing with it, here is a reflection drawing I admit I was proud of this!

So now the other day (July 21,2017), Schoolism and Craftsy sites have been acting up on my husbands laptop I've been using for accessing these classes. It is an old XP version so it is understandable. I get "unsupported browser" a lot.  I started to panic, (and was frustrated about computers around here not working!), and then realized how much I truly miss digital. And when I started these classes and this art journey it was because I wanted to learn from the digital masters and create beautiful digital illustrations. I do enjoy pencils and watercolors, but my heart belongs to digital. My husband wants me to go back to digital drawing too and in all the classes I've taken I keep hearing "do what you love." I've been listening to Monday Morning Art Talks by Stephen Silver on YouTube again recently, (he is also an instructor at Schoolism), and his talks have also made me realize that I need to learn what I want to do and stop messing around with pencils and watercolor for now. 

I have wanted an iPad Pro for some time now so I broke down and finally got me and iPad Pro 12.9 with an Apple Pencil Saturday. It will be here in 2-3 weeks!! I hear using Procreate is as good as Photoshop, so I'm looking forward to going back to digital to learn. I'm still going to get my desktop fixed, but our house gets too hot these days to even use it so I'm waiting until it cools down because I'll be wanting to get on it too! 

Well, I think that sums up the last 7 or so months of what's been going on. Thank you for reading. I know it was a long update. I will make them shorter in the future and really try to keep up with them. 

Have an awesome week!