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Hi and welcome! 
My name is Kirsten Edwards but in the artistic world I'm known as KLeighE (pronounced Kaylee). I am a self-taught digital artist in the realm of Hinterland Harmony. I use Photoshop to draw and design, and I am the author/illustrator of a rhyming alphabet picture storybook. 

I've always loved drawing but was discouraged to take that career path.
In 2006 I became fascinated with digital drawing and taught myself a little Photoshop. You can see my progress in the "Progress" section.  
Although my art has progressed through the years, it just isn't what I envision it to be. I also need to build more confidence and squash that "fear" of putting art out there. So I started to hone my skills as a visual storyteller through online classes in 2015 at AlienThink now on Udemy -The Structure of Man -Learn to Draw the Human Figure From Your Mind with Riven Phoenix, and Schoolism.com. I will be blogging to show you my work from these classes so you can see my creative journey unfold.

I love 3D animation and I would LOVE to create worlds in my visual storytelling as spectacularly and brilliantly as the artists of "Dragons", "Kung Fu Panda", "All Hail King Julian", "Puss in Boots", all the adorable Disney fairy movies and "The Croods." I hope to achieve this through the online classes above. I'm so excited for this new creative journey!
In my "Custom Illustrations" section, I wanted to share a some of my favorites I have done over the years. I sometimes offer very detailed custom illustrations in my Etsy shop around October to end of November if time allows.

In 2013, a feral cat family came to live with us on our property in the country. They are so intelligent and unique. Their family dynamics are amazing to watch. I was chronicling about them, but decided I wanted to tell their story in illustrations, which I will start after I finish more classes.

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