My Art Journey From My Mind Update 5!

Hello and thank you for stopping by to read my art journey update #5!

I wanted to update you earlier, but with all the thunderstorms popping up I didn't want to use the computer.

One of my sweet babies paw print!

It has also been a very busy month around here but I have been able to do a lot more practice drawing on the anatomy than I usually get to do.

I now have the tibia and fibula memorized. Woot! Woot!

I was watching a video for the foot and he (Riven Phoenix) sometimes likes to show us 3D ideas by constructing "blocks" on paper. He says our mind will have a hard time with the 3D concept at first and that is so true! My mind would freak out so much, I would get dizzy! So I made myself draw and redraw and draw some more and each time I got a little less dizzy until about the 6th time going through the video I wasn't dizzy anymore and could follow right along with his speed of drawing and had it memorized. Yay! That was a really weird experience for me.

Then I learned the basic concepts of the top views and side views of the feet....

and the front view and back view. I will learn the bone structures when I learn the muscles for these areas.

Then we put it all together in a 3/4 view!

Next we drew the clavicle, which is easy-peasy.

I'll be learning the humerus, ulna, radius and hands next week and will update you next Friday.

Have a fun fantabulous weekend!

Until next time,