A Journey Through Alphabet Land ~(A children’s rhyming alphabet picture book)

I am so excited to announce that my book A Journey Through Alphabet Land ~ (A children’s rhyming alphabet picture book), is now available on all Amazon channels!
Here are the links :







Most of these also give you a great preview of what is inside! But Just in case the channel you need doesn't, here is a peek at what is showing on Amazon! (black lines on page edges are not in actual book)


KLeighE announces the release of her children’s rhyming picture book, A Journey Through Alphabet Land!!!

HEEEEELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There’s a lot of buzz and chatter going on in the Hinterland Harmony tree house! I heard Shanook and Kakela telling everyone that KLeighE’s A Journey Through Alphabet Land book that came in the mail last Friday is looking FANTABULOUS! AAAAAAANNND……………wait for it…………….wait for it……………if all the buttons and knobs have been pushed correctly on KLeighE’s acorn computer………..IT’S GOING TO BE RELEASED NOW!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!

This is a grand milestone for us in Hinterland Harmony, because KLeighE has had quite the time trying to get the printing settings correct.

Want to do the happy dance with us?

Shake it, shake it, with your arms in the air,

Wiggle it, wiggle it, and slide from here to there,

Spin it, spin it, round and round,

‘til you get dizzy and fall down!



A little bit about the book:

A Journey Through Alphabet Land was originally A Journey Through Your ABC’s that I wrote and created in 2006. It used to be a regular story but I have changed it to a rhyming story, as I wanted to challenge myself. Since 2006 I have taught myself Photoshop and have become more adept in using the software. So, I decided to recreate the book and instead of a plain white background, I envisioned a land where a boy and girl dragonfly would visit to practice their letters of the alphabet. I scanned all the colored papers from a package of construction paper to my computer. Some I magically adjusted in Photoshop to get that perfect color I wanted that wasn’t offered in the package, but I still managed to maintain the texture I wanted for this book. I have added some new creatures and objects, and updated some of the original art with this magical tool, called a clipping mask, to cover the old construction paper with new vibrant paper. I love the continuity of the pages. It’s as if you’re flying through Alphabet Land’s territory and learning all about what and who resides in this magical land.

This is Shanook and Kakela! They are the narrators of A Journey Through Alphabet Land.








Here is a sneak peak picture that isn’t on the video preview. This is one of my favorite pages and is completely new to the book :






Here is one more sneak peak picture that isn’t on the video preview either and is completely new to the book that is one of my favorite pages too (of course they really are all my favorite pages):

Here is the link to purchase the book A Journey Through Alphabet Land click here!




I will be working on a better Kindle version and of course an Adobe Reader version. Until then, thank you for stopping by, have a FUNFANTABULOUS day!


Video Preview of A Journey Through Alphabet Land (A children’s rhyming alphabet picture book.)

Hello everyone!

A Journey Through Alphabet Land (A children’s rhyming alphabet picture book.)

Written and illustrated by Kirsten Edwards aka

Hinterland Harmony Art and Illustrations by KLeighE
All Rights Reserved

For Kindle version (view as 2 page) that is already out

While I am working on getting this book ready to publish, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the story. I have had so much FUN making this book, and I hope you enjoy it!

This a preview of my children’s rhyming alphabet picture book called A Journey Through Alphabet Land -it is a 2 page illustration in book form, hence the line in the center.

This is a fun rhyming children’s story with charming illustrations about two dragonflies, Shanook and Kakela, who are going on a journey through Alphabet Land to practice the letters of the alphabet and invite the children to join them on their adventure.

“We’re going on a journey in Alphabet Land, and to have you join us would be grand! We’ll start with ‘A’ and end with ‘Z’, there’s a lot of fun things for us to see, like an airplane, a beaver and kangaroos, there is even someone with eight shoes!”


Thanks for stopping by and have a super fun fantabulous day!

Direct you tube link for better viewing view on 1080p for best results :)


Update on 'A Journey Through Your ABC's' Book!

TGIF! AND Almost finished with assembling the book pages for my children's ABC book. Each picture is spread out on 2 pages!





It took awhile to line up the grass lines, etc on on the pages, but I am very pleased with the way it looks. I have to finish the “Z” page, then come up with something for the "J" page, then I'll try my hand at rhyming the story. So far I am on schedule. So excited!


Thank you for reading!

Wishing you a fantabulous weekend!