My Art Journey 4


Sorry it has taken so long to update! We've had thunderstorms so no computer time since Monday. 

I think the updates may have to be once a month while I'm trying to memorize all this, unless I have something new to show from The Magic Box and Schoolism classes, otherwise it may be overly redundant. 

Speaking of.....Friday I restarted one of my classes from Schoolism, I tried drawing the frog from seeing shapes again. I haven't drawn with a stylus on my Wacom tablet in so long because of doing anatomy classes with pencil and paper, it felt weird! 

I looked at last year's attempt at said frog and it was quite embarrassing!  But at least I've improved, and I think this anatomy class has taught me how to see things better too. So WOOHOO!

Last year's attempt....don't laugh too hard, but it's ok to laugh!

This year's attempt. Much cleaner and more accurate.

I also finished up the upper body memorization on 3/1 and 3/2. 

Then we learned about the upper leg/femur. I've got that memorized now.

And added it to the upper body. 

I'll be learning the collar bone, bottom of legs, arms, hands and feet and practicing those over the next month. 

So until then.....

Have an awesome day and thank you for reading!