Art Journey Update April 2020

I apologize I have a hard time keeping up with this blog!

I did finish my online Lighting class with Sam Neilson and here are the assignments I painted. I really loved this class and learned so much from him.

Please note: all Assignments are Sam Neilson’s line art, I just painted the scenes in the Procreate app and/or Art Studio Pro app on my iPad Pro 12.9

Lesson 4 - Translucent Properties

Lesson 5 - Hair and Fur

Then I redid it because I didn’t like the look of it!

Lesson 6 - Skin

Lesson 7- Light in Atmosphere 

Lesson 8 - Water

Lesson 9- Light and Human Experience 

I really loved painting this assignment! 

I also painted some other illustrations from reference photos I got from Artwork by Gabrielle on Gumroad.

And then just did some practice painting of bricks from a photo of mine and a tree trunk from Stayf Draws, trying to figure out some brushes in my app

The last thing I painted was from a photo of a beautiful sunrise I saw out front of my house 

That’s it for now! Thank you for looking and please stay safe and healthy!