Art Journey From My Mind #18

I'm tearing up thinking about this anatomy art journey. I remember when I restarted it on Dec 24, 2015 and said to myself while looking at the #189 video, "Wow, I can't wait to be able to do that! "

Well, that day has come! 8 months and 3 days later (I finished on August 27)  I reached that #189 video, and I drew that figure, with all this knowledge running around in my head! I am really humbled and proud of myself that I was able to learn it. I was frustrated A LOT of the time, wanted to just quit sometimes but then kept telling myself to enjoy the journey, you got this! You CAN learn this!

The leg muscles were just as crazy to learn as the arms, there are so many of them! 

The feet were simple compared to what I have crammed into my brain lately. Haha!

Then of course we added the whole kit and caboodle in a front and back 3/4 pose.

There are additional videos with 17 various poses that I will do one or more a week. And then there is 18 dynamic characters after that to draw. But I'm so ready to get back to The Magic Box and Schoolism and learn tips and tricks for digital drawing so I'll be alternating between these. 

Thank you for following my anatomy art journey. I'll keep posting about my digital art classes too. 

Until next time,