My Art Journey - Anatomy Drawing Update #14

Happy first day of July!

I wanted to get a certain section finished before I posted again. I’ve gotten through videos 120-135! I have 7 more videos before I get to 3rd section of the muscles. I’m excited to be more than half way finished!

I was told to hang on to the neck muscles page I drew on 6/9 because we would be adding things to it. I had to re-do the 3/4 view one because I didn't think I'd have enough room for the arm muscles and didn't want my back view to be lonely on a page by itself.

And then I added arm bones....humerus, ulna and radius along with the pelvis and rib lines.
Some biceps and pec muscles.

The lovely deltoids and abdomen muscles

The serratus, oblique, dorsal, triceps, trapezoid, and shoulder muscles

Then I finished out the stylized mannequin and did views with light and shadows on muscles then a surface anatomy

Whew! That was a lot. Now on to creating one of his character designs in video lesson 136, this should be interesting.


Have a safe and Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY holiday, and until next time,