My Art Journey From My Mind Update 7!

Happy Friday!

I was able to get the Humerus, Ulna and Radius memorized this week with about 4 hours to practice, WOOHOO!  These are some tricky little buggers with the funny bone here, sharp thing there etc. But I remember it now because the socket bone, funny bone, pointy bone and Ulna are all on the inner side next to the body.

This is today's drawings.....
Left and right Humerus front, back and side view. The shaded area on the back view is for the elbow bone on the Ulna.

Left and right, front and back of the Ulna and Radius with just a bit of the Humerus bone.

And lastly the front and back views of them all together.

My goals for next Friday is to have the hands memorized, and do full skeleton  sketches with everything attached!!

Thank you for looking and have a fantabulous weekend & week!


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