My Art Journey From My Mind Update 6!

I'm a day late updating on my blog because we had some crazy storms again here Friday in Texas. 

I was able to learn the humerus, ulna, radius and hand this week.

When learning the 3D hand in perspective, Riven Phoenix said that this is a "Trickier exercise to understand," and was he right! I kept thinking 'this looks really weird.' But once I got it all drawn it made sense.

I'll be memorizing all these pieces this next week and then draw them out on the full skeleton to show you next Friday. I'm getting excited, I'm almost to the muscles! 

I need to manage my time better to get back to the Magic Box and Schoolism. I really miss drawing/painting on my tablet. I have been watching some class videos now and then and I'm excited to try my hand at new techniques. I keep telling myself, "Don't rush, learn it like the back of your hand and enjoy the journey."

Talk to you next Friday, have a great week and thank you for reading,


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