My Art Journey From My Mind Update #11

I'm between jumping for joy and tears of joy. Yesterday I finished the section of the lesson videos #75 to #107 that I learned from 5/20-6/2 in 10 days! Took around 70 hours maybe more. I was learning from 3 to 5 hours in the day and 1 to 3 hours at night. Most weekends I don't get to draw except I did on 5/22 Saturday, but not this holiday weekend.  I've got to spend some time with the family, right? Lol

This is some of what I learned this week.
Head forms for shadow and light. The female face, and the mannequin system.

I'm off to memorize the head forms and the mannequin system before I continue on Monday to section 108 to 143. Woohoo!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Until next time,

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